Mikro Goods

Content Strategy, Editing, Storytelling

All Mikro homewares are made in San Francisco, California, from original hand-drawn patterns and natural fibers sourced in the USA.

The name ‘Mikro’ is derived from the greek root word for micro—mīkrós. With a focus on abstractions, and micro and macro perspectives of nature’s genuine and breathtaking beauty, Mikro aims to bring playful yet modern details into people’s everyday lives. 

The client was seeking a creative approach to storytelling to match its unique brand aesthetic.

Creating an authentic brand voice

The Challenge

How do tell your brand’s story through an authentic voice? The copy needed to be playful and engaging.

Finding inspiration and story

The Process

To help Mikro discover its brand voice and story, I sat down with Mikro founder, Jessica Yeh, to learn more about her inspiration and process. She told me about her favorite weekend hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area and how it is during these treasure hunts that she finds the natural wonders that are the sources for her patterns.

Weaving creativity and whimsy

The Solution

After our conversations and my time using Mikro’s  products, I developed copy for the brand’s about page and product descriptions. The text I created shared the story of each pattern while explaining the origins of the brand and its wish to add delight and playfulness to homes.