Content Strategy, Editing, Storytelling

From word-of-mouth to orchestrated content marketing.

The solution

San Francisco-based Bionda is a monthly Italian pop-up dinner experience and producer of artisanal products. Tickets are reserved and paid for in advance, and products are sold online and at speciality shops throughout San Francisco.

Before working with Echopop, Bionda events and products were promoted through word-of-mouth, but it was time to expand to larger venues and more retailers by increasing the brand’s online presence through content marketing and storytelling.

Content Strategy

The content strategy for Bionda included orchestrated storytelling, social media, media outreach, and email marketing, to get the dining experience on the San Francisco food scene map. This included launching a blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and guiding the content during the first month after launch.


The storytelling for Bionda began with a discussion with chef Kathryne Bennett about her inspiration and vision for her dinners.

I learned about her desire to build community and nourish people through her passion for Italian cooking.

Using these themes as anchors, I wrote the ``Mission statement`` and ``About the chef`` copy for her website, helped her launch a blog to share stories about her dinners, and guided her to curate content for her social media accounts.


Ensuring consistency across all of Bionda's platforms was key to the editing process. I am currently editing Bionda's menus in English and Italian and her dinner invites sent through MailChimp. I also help guide the themes for her blog posts, which she now creates on her own.